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Alpha of Clovia

Alpha of Clovia

4-H Cooperative Leadership House
Kansas State University
1200 Pioneer Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502


Why Clovia?

Choosing where to live is one of the most important decisions of your academic career. Whether it is your first year away from home, or you're already a college student, it is important to find someplace you love to be. Here are a few things that set Clovia apart:


A Home Away from Home

Since all Clovia girls share similar backgrounds and interests, moving into Clovia is like gaining instant friends. We're all ready to help you get adjusted to living away from home, find classes, and find your way around Manhattan. Plus, unlike several sororities, freshmen live in the house alongside the full members their first year.



Academic and Community Focus

Clovia is a 4-H Cooperative Leadership House, which means that academics are a top priority. Pledges are required to complete 4 monitored study hours a week. Members must maintain a GPA of 2.65 or higher and receive no F's.

We are also involved in several community service projects that vary each year.



College is expensive. The costs of tuition, books, housing, food, laundry, parking, and other fees add up quickly, but Clovia can offer some relief to your financial stress. To get a closer look at the cost of living in Clovia compared to other options on and around campus, contact us at alphaofclovia@gmail.com.


Interested in becoming part of the sisterhood?  

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