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Alpha of Clovia

Alpha of Clovia

4-H Cooperative Leadership House
Kansas State University
1200 Pioneer Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502


Alpha of Clovia


The Fall Semester at K-State begins soon! We look forward to seeing our returning members and welcoming the 2018-19 Class!


From the Spring...

Congratulations to our new members on becoming active members! We officially welcome you to the sisterhood.


 Clovia New Members


Alpha of Clovia is a 4-H Cooperative Leadership House owned by the Kansas 4-H Foundation located near the Manhattan campus of Kansas State University. Since 1931, the women of Alpha of Clovia have lived together in a cooperative manner – sharing housework and possessions to reduce the overall cost of living. Throughout the years, women from various backgrounds across the country have become members, participating in activities such as: philanthropies, house retreats, the annual National Clovia meeting, and homecoming, among other social events.  All of these activities and more are done while maintaining a high sense of academic scholarship while studying at Kansas State University.