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Alpha of Clovia

Alpha of Clovia

4-H Cooperative Leadership House
Kansas State University
1200 Pioneer Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502



The purpose of our housemother is to provide support to our members, and to uphold the Alpha of Clovia principle of providing a happy, adequate, and economical living condition. Our housemother functions as a role model and representative of Alpha of Clovia at all times. She is loyal to the women of Alpha of Clovia. Our housemother is approachable, yet sincere, and maintains a sense of humor. Our housemother exhibits trustworthiness in regards to confidentiality of all our members and their parents or guardians. Our housemother maintains the delicate balance between being a “mom figure” and allowing the girls independence as they learn self-sustaining skills during their time at Clovia.


A note from our house mother:

"I'm excited to be heading back to Manhattan, KSU, and Alpha of Clovia to be the next Housemother. My background includes growing up in western Kansas, with three sisters. I then attended KSU and began working in Cooperative Extension for 36 years, 18 of those as a 4-H agent. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and smal business owner/operator.

I am excited to get to know the women of Clovia and be awed by their intelligence, strength, beauty, talent, generosity, faith, spirit, and kindness.

I believe that the power behind opportunities can be a blessing in disguise and lead us into the best choices for our lives.

I know this will be an exciting opporunity for all of us. Also scary and challenging, but together we will conquer all!"

- Crystal Coffman