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Alpha of Clovia

Alpha of Clovia

4-H Cooperative Leadership House
Kansas State University
1200 Pioneer Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502


Clover Accomplishments

At Alpha of Clovia, we have the long time tradition of holding bell ceremonies. Bell ceremonies are held for special accomplishments or occasions of current Clovers. If something special happens to a Clover, they secretly contact the president and we hold a bell ceremony.  Clovers will ring bells and pass a candle around.  When the candle reaches the Clover who the ceremony belongs to, they get to blow out the candle and share the good news with their sisters!

We have three types of bell ceremonies; gumball bells, lemon bells, and chocolate bells.  Gumball bells are for special recognition, such as a scholarship or honorary selection.  Lemon bells are for career related jobs or internships.  Chocolate bells are Clovia's favorite; they are for engagements!