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Alpha of Clovia

Alpha of Clovia

4-H Cooperative Leadership House
Kansas State University
1200 Pioneer Lane
Manhattan, KS 66502


2018-19 New Members

Alpha of Clovia's 2018-19 new membership class moved in and we could not be more excited! Welcome to the sisterhood, ladies!

"Sometimes in life we stand outside waiting for a door to open. We hope the person behind the door will let us in and be our friend. I was once on the outside until a door  opened to me and behind it I found a sisterhood. Now I stand behind that door on the inside, hoping to open it to someone else who stands where I once stood."

Shelby Berens

Trella Davis

Lindsey Decker

Leandra Fischer

Josephine Gianni

Kinsey Harlan

Amber Helwig

Katie Hutson

Abby Kelty

Kasey Kerperin

Dannell Kopp

Tamara McConnell

Kassidy Moore

Ashley Nelson

Dani Rathbun

Jamie Rock

Summer Smades

Emily Smart

Caitlynn Stevenson

Tabitha Tschanz

Tessa Vanderree

Madison Voet

Jesstine Waldy

Genevieve Willett